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(8) Echoes and Echo Verse: bibliography

Ancient Literature : plays and epic
  • Andromeda Euripides (surviving only in fragments)
  • Thesmophoriazusai 1056-97 Aristophanes
  • Metamorphoses 3.358-401 Ovid
  • Othello 3.3.10
  • John Dyer, bard of the Fleece, on Aberglasney: 'See her woods where Echo talks ...'
  • Poems of George Herbert (OUP 1952 - I think) for 'Paradise' and 'Heaven'
  • 'The Visitor's Book, Hartland Quay' p.211 (to check volume title: information coming soon!)
  • Kenilworth Sir Walter Scott (Penguin 1999)
  • Aristophanes: Plays: 2 Translated by Patric Dickinson (OUP)
  • From the Vergil Caverns Peter Redgrove (Cape Poetry 2002)
  • Essays in Satire Ronald A. Knox (Sheed and Ward 1955)
  • The Knox Brothers Penelope Fitzgerald (Harvill, Harper Collins 1977)
  • Arcadia, the Dream of Perfection in Renaissance England Adam Nicolson (Harper Perennial). See e.g. p.11. Available from Amazon. The book is about the Earls of Pembroke (and other members of the Herbert family) of Wilton House.
  • The Collected Works of Erasmus
  • Refiguring Woman Marilyn Migiel and Juliana Schiesari
Books with 'Echo' in the title
  • Waiting for the Echo (The Norwich Poetry Group, 1994 and edited by Vince Gilbert and Jane Wight).
Reference Books
  • An Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon (OUP 1978) founded upon the Seventh Edition of Liddell and Scott's Greek-English Lexicon.
  • Wilton House (2008/09?)
Articles and other writing
  • The Echo-Device Thornton S. Graves, Modern Language Notes Vol. 36, No.2 (Feb 1921) pp.120-121 (The John Hopkins University Press)
  • The Echo-Device in Literature Elbridge Colby (New York 1920)
  • The Figure of Echo John Hollander (Berkeley, L.A.; London 1981)
  • Responsive Readings Joseph Loewenstein (New Haven 1984)
  • Culture, rhetorique et satire dans l'Echo d'Erasme J-C Margolin (in 'Dix Conferences sur Erasme', ed. Claude Blume)
  • The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia (echo poem by Sir Philip Sidney)
  • Note by F.L. Lucas on Duchess of Malfi (5.3.19-51) [Complete Works of John Webster ed. FL Lucas, London 1927] II 195-6
  • Spectator 59 and 61 Addison
Poems in magazines
  • p.34 Quantum Leap 44, Nov 2008, 'Echo' after Theseus and Ariadne by Titian - Elena Tincu
  • Echo echotain by Wendy Webb in her series, 'Forms on Form'
Web resources
  • Gerard Manley Hopkins 'The Leaden Echo'
  • Dauguet, Aurélien - the other 'echo poetry' as developed in 1972: 'A surrealist literary technique ... a poem is constructed by alternately writing a stanza and then "mirroring" it in some fashion to create the following stanza.'

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